It is with a heavy heart that we share the sad news that our Cambria family lost Eric Richardson this past week to an unexpected and tragic heart attack. This shocking event has been devastating to our small family and to all who loved “ER” (aka Big Daddy), which is everyone he ever met.

Eric was so much more than a business partner to the Cambria team – he was also a mentor, a father figure, and a best friend. Cambria would never exist if not for Eric’s many years of devotion and commitment to the Cambria team and to all our investors. Not many founder CEOs would willingly sacrifice and choose to forgo a salary for the first six years while starting a company. But Eric’s generosity and devotion are not surprising to those who knew Eric closely. He was truly larger than life!

While it fills us with great sadness that he will not be around to witness the next stages of growth for the company he helped create, it warms our hearts knowing he was able to celebrate our reaching the $1 billion assets under management milestone this past year.

I will be stepping into the position of CEO and will be proud to assume those leadership responsibilities, as our entire LA crew is committed to preserving Eric’s legacy and continuing to build a world-class investment firm.

Our attention and support are with Eric’s family and loved ones during this impossibly painful time. Eric was always a big animal lover, and with his wife Lani rescued and fostered many dogs over the years. If you would like to donate in his memory, the family has chosen the Paws for Life animal rescue charity. (You can also email Cynthia for more info

Lastly, for those who were close to Eric, we are compiling letters for his young daughter Lilli to open at an appropriate time. Any fond memories, stories, or kind words you’d like to share will be much appreciated. Email me for more info.