What we believe

It’s simple. Our job is to serve you.

At Cambria, we believe everyone should have access to fair and thoughtful investment solutions. We believe fees matter, so we serve you best by helping keep more of your dollars in your own pocket. And we believe buy-and-hold is a great start to growing wealth – yet one upon which we can improve.

Underpinning all these beliefs is one core idea: We’re only as successful as our ability to listen and understand your goals, then provide an investing experience that makes a positive difference in your finances and your life. Let us know how we can help you today.

How we’re different

Better research. Smarter strategies. Superior investing.

At Cambria, we’re “quants.” This simply means we often spend our days deep in historical market data. We test it, use our findings to create investing models, re-test, improve…

It’s a detailed process, yet one we believe yields better long-term results for our clients. That’s because all our analysis leads to effective, rules-based strategies that eliminate emotional decision-making.

Nearly every investor would agree that emotions are often our own worst enemy. But our rules-based systems provide us valuable protection against those emotions. We believe they’re a framework for good investing, preventing our short-term impulses from derailing our long-term gains.

So what makes Cambria different? The belief that better research and deeper understanding leads to smarter strategies and superior investing.

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Who we serve

“One size fits all” doesn’t fit you…or us.

Our clients come to us with a variety of investing goals, needs, and challenges. But our approach is always the same:

Ask, listen, customize.

This approach enables us to help many different types of clients. Currently, we serve individual investors, institutional investors, and registered investment advisors.

If you’re an individual investor looking to open a Cambria Digital Advisor investment account, just click below to get started.

If you’re an institutional investor or advisor, please call us at 310 683 5500, or email us at info@cambriainvestments.com to discuss how we can serve you.

If you’d prefer we contact you, please click here to fill out our Contact form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

Who we are

We’re a team of investment professionals that wants to create a better investment experience for you.

Cambria Investment Management is a small team of investment professionals led by Meb.

If that sounds a bit personal, it’s because we’re not a faceless corporation with thousands of employees. Nor do we want to be.

We don’t have hundreds of global offices.

We don’t use automated telephone systems that route you from one recording to another – one of us will happily pick up when you call.

And we don’t hide what we do behind financial jargon or buzzwords – we’re just a team focused on helping people invest better.

Call us to let us know what we can do for you. Or better yet, stop by our office. Our door is always open and we’d be happy to sit down with you in person.

Meb Faber
Meb FaberChief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer
Meb has authored five investment books and numerous white papers, and is frequently featured in the financial press. He is Cambria’s co-founder, CEO, and CIO. Broker Check
Sarah Ministrelli
Sarah MinistrelliVice President of Operations
Sarah joined the firm in February of 2008. She handles much of the new client onboarding as well as the day-to-day operations.
Jonathan Keetz
Jonathan KeetzVice President of Portfolio Operations
Jonathan has five years of experience working in the ETF industry. He is responsible for Cambria’s day-to-day portfolio operations.
Justin Bosch, CFA
Justin Bosch, CFASenior Analyst
Justin has been with Cambria since 2019. He is a member of Cambria’s portfolio management team and is involved in day-to-day portfolio operations. He is a CFA charterholder.
Eric Richardson
Eric RichardsonIn Memoriam
Eric was Cambria’s co-founder. Our team is incredibly grateful for his vision and influence in shaping Cambria, and for his warmth and character as our friend.

If there’s anything we can do for you today, please let us know!


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