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We’re here to help your money do more, for less

Give us a few minutes and we’ll give you a Cambria Digital Advisor portfolio with no management fees (0%), no commission fees, and no rebalancing fees.

Plus, we’ve partnered with Betterment, in our opinion the industry’s premier investment technology provider, to offer a simple, beautiful client experience.

This means you’ll enjoy automatic rebalancing, efficient tax loss harvesting, seamless account aggregation, and far more, all without lifting a finger.


It’s Your Money… We’ll Help You Keep it that Way

We believe high fees destroy wealth. That’s why we do things differently.

  • We charge a 0% management fee
  • We use low-cost ETFs when constructing your portfolio
  • We don’t charge any additional fees (though clients pay a small platform fee to Betterment given our partnership)

Keep more of your money where it belongs – your wallet.

*Morgan Stanley ETF Semi-Annual Review, June 1, 2016
***Showing Cambria’s average underlying fee of 0.54%. Actual underlying fee may vary. Shows the 0.15% fee to Betterment, assuming a minimum account balance of $100K.

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We’re people-powered…

…it’s a small difference that makes all the difference

Mebane Faber,
Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager

Cambria Digital Advisor is not a “roboadvisor.” We’re people-powered.

Most automated investment services rely on passive, buy-and-hold portfolios. While a good start, we believe you can do far better.

That’s why our professionals start with buy-and-hold, but then apply active strategies too.

Historical market data suggests this could help make a substantial difference in your portfolio’s returns, volatility, and drawdowns.

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Are your expert advisors really experts?

Just a few places featuring the work of our investment professionals…

The Trinity Portfolio – An Investing Framework Tailored to You

“Trinity” is the framework for all our Cambria Digital Advisor portfolios.

The name reflects the three pillars of its approach: globally-diversified assets, weightings toward value and momentum investments, and active trend following.

Though all Trinity Portfolios contain each element, we customize the exact amounts to reflect different goals and risk tolerances. It’s exceptional investing on your terms.

So which Trinity Portfolio is right for me?

Cambria Trinity

Global Investments


Value & Momentum Weightings


Active Trend-Following

You made your money intelligently.
It’s time to invest it that way.

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