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Are you an individual investor looking for assistance reaching your investment goals? Cambria Digital Advisor can help. In just minutes, we’ll design you a customized portfolio of diversified ETFs. We’ll then manage it for you, minimizing taxes and rebalancing for optimum performance.

Plus, our investment accounts come with a host of other features including account aggregation, retirement tools, and auto deposits. And did we mention we do all this for a 0% management fee? To learn more about a Cambria Digital Advisor account, click here.

To read about the six unique portfolios that make up our Cambria Digital Advisor accounts (our “Trinity” portfolios), click here.

Are you looking for a smarter ETF for yourself or for your clients?

Whether you’re looking for global market exposure, targeted factor tilts, or quant-driven strategies, we have an assortment of low-fee ETFs to suit your needs.

Are you an advisor, interested in allocating client assets toward a Trinity Portfolio?

We’re proud to introduce Trinity for Advisors. It’s our investment offering for professional money managers, providing a convenient platform for allocating client assets.

Convenient Investment Platform: 

We’re participating in TD Ameritrade’s Model Market Center, which provides advisors an easy way to allocate to our Trinity Portfolios.

As of October 1, 2019, TD Ameritrade offers $0 commission online ETF trades.

If you’re ready to begin and are already a TD Ameritrade Institutional custody client, click here to email them. If you’re ready to begin yet not currently a TD Ameritrade Institutional custody client, click here, or call 1-800-934-6124.

If you’d like more details, please see below.

0% Cambria Portfolio Management Fee:

Cambria doesn’t charge a portfolio management fee in connection with the Trinity portfolios. TD Ameritrade doesn’t charge advisors a fee to access the Trinity models on its Model Market Center.

This means your client only pays:

  • Your Specific Advisory Fee
  • Fees on the underlying investments that populate our Trinity portfolios, which is how Cambria generates revenue.

Access to All of Our Trinity Portfolios:

You have your choice of allocating to any of our six different Trinity portfolios. To read more about them, including their specific holdings and weightings, just click here. To read our Trinity White Paper, which provides a broad overview of our Trinity methodology, click here.

*These portfolios are broadly representative of the Trinity allocations and holdings can change based on custodian, tax harvesting, and other trade-related factors.


When choosing the TD Ameritrade Model Market Center, TD Ameritrade will custody your client assets.

Easy Onboarding:

TD Ameritrade has made the sign-up and portfolio allocation process simple, intuitive, and fast. You’ll have your clients’ assets positioned in just minutes.

Guided Portfolio Upkeep:

Advisors will receive alerts from iRebal® on Veo®, informing them of any changes to the specific Trinity portfolio. The advisor will then place rebalancing trades him/herself. One of the benefits of the Trinity Portfolios allocations is that they are a strategic allocation – meaning, the underlying funds do most of the trading internally, so that the end client sees very little turnover in their account.  The main turnover will be if and when Cambria updates the allocation with new funds and offerings.

Average Fees of the Underlying ETFs in Our Trinity Portfolios:

Below are the average underlying fees by portfolio. Please note that these underlying fund fees are estimates based on target allocations and current expense ratios. Market fluctuations will result in deviations from target allocations, which may impact underlying fund fees for the portfolios.

Trinity 1 Trinity 2 Trinity 3 Trinity 4 Trinity 5 Trinity 6
Total Expense Taxable 0.47% 0.55% 0.63% 0.71% 0.76% 0.82%
Total Expense Tax Exempt 0.38% 0.48% 0.58% 0.69% 0.75% 0.81%

Historical Performance of the Trinity Portfolios:

We update the historical performance data for our six Trinity portfolios each quarter. To review our most recent report, click here.

Ready to Get Started with Trinity for Advisors?

If you’re already a TD Ameritrade Institutional custody client, click here to email them to begin the process.

If you’re not yet a TD Ameritrade Institutional custody client, click here, or call 1-800-934-6124.

TD Ameritrade, Inc. and Cambria Investment Management, LP are separate and unaffiliated and are not responsible for each other’s policies or services. TD Ameritrade does not supervise the content of this page. For more information, visit TD Institutional.

Looking for something else?

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Please call as us at 310.683.5500 or email us info@cambriainvestments.com.