Electronic deposits from your bank to Cambria Investments typically invest the following business day for deposits made before 11PM EST. This includes requests made on Saturday and Sunday. The only exception is auto-deposits that fall on weekends. If your auto-deposit falls on the weekend, it will invest on Tuesday (assuming that Monday is not a market holiday).

Electronic withdrawals from Cambria Investments to your bank generally take 4-5 business days due to the required sale and settlement of securities. For example, if you made a withdrawal on Monday morning, you can expect your funds the following Monday (assuming that there are no market or bank holidays in the interim). Note that your withdrawal time may also be impacted if you have made recent deposits within the previous 5 business days.

Deposits must be initiated by 11PM EST to be invested by the next business day. Withdrawals must be initiated 30 minutes before the stock market closes at 3:30PM EST to be transacted that day. Trade requests initiated after these cutoff times, or during weekends and holidays, will be processed the next business day.

Cambria Investments does not guarantee specific execution timelines. We avoid trading on or around market open or close, as markets have historically been more volatile during this time. Pending wait times are imposed by banking and market rules and cannot be sped up by Cambria Investments.