How do I know which Trinity Portfolio is right for me?

2016-10-28T15:35:14-07:00June 26th, 2016|

The right Trinity Portfolio for you will depend primarily upon your investment goals and your personal risk tolerance. Our six unique Trinity portfolios range from most conservative (Trinity 1) to most aggressive (Trinity 6). To read more about each individual Trinity portfolio, just click here. In addition, one of our advisors will share a short [...]

How do I change my portfolio’s allocation?

2016-10-28T15:35:14-07:00June 26th, 2016|

We work together with clients to build a strategic asset allocation with which they’re comfortable. If a client wants to discuss their portfolio and any potential changes, we’re happy to schedule a call or meeting for such a review. However, clients cannot alter their portfolio themselves prior to this discussion, as this often allows for emotional [...]

Can investors outside the United States invest in the new offering?

2016-08-31T16:32:14-07:00June 25th, 2016|

Unfortunately, Betterment is not setup yet for foreign investors.  However, we suggest two options for our international friends: a) Open an account at Fidelity.  We can implement all of the Trinity portfolios at Fidelity. Unlike Betterment, Fidelity does not charge a platform fee of 0.15%, but does charge their standard commission rates on trades.  Please [...]

What are the ETFs you use to build my portfolio?

2016-09-01T15:06:52-07:00June 25th, 2016|

Cambria is consistently reviewing all ETF offerings for best of breed funds based on methodology and pricing.  Currently, our portfolios consist of approximately 13 ETFs. They come from eight different respected providers such as Vanguard and iShares, as well as Cambria's own suite of ETFs.

Should I buy Cambria’s ETFs or open a Cambria Digital Advisor account?

2016-10-28T15:35:14-07:00June 24th, 2016|

Many investors prefer to invest on their own. In such cases, investing in Cambria's ETFs would be an appropriate course of action. However, many other investors prefer the convenience of opening an investment account, as well as the confidence that comes with knowing experts are behind all market decisions. For these investors, a Cambria Investment account is preferable. Opening [...]

How do I confirm my checking account?

2016-10-28T15:35:14-07:00June 22nd, 2016|

To add a checking account, we need to make sure you own that account by having you confirm two random deposits/withdrawals we put into that account. After entering your bank account information, you will then complete the following steps to confirm your bank account with Cambria: Log into your checking account at your bank. Find the two [...]

How do I add or delete a linked checking account?

2016-06-30T15:17:34-07:00June 22nd, 2016|

To change your linked account online, click your name at the top right hand side of your profile, and click "Settings". You can change your bank account under the "Bank Account" section of the page. At this time, our customers can only have one active checking account at a time linked to their Cambria account. [...]

How do taxes work with Cambria Digital Advisor accounts?

2016-07-27T14:04:21-07:00June 22nd, 2016|

Individual ("Personal") or Joint Taxable Accounts With taxable investment accounts, you generally owe taxes each year on the dividends and other distributions paid to you that year.  You may also owe taxes when you sell shares, depending on whether or not you’ve realized capital gains on the investment. Taxation of Dividends Most ETFs pay dividends, [...]

When will my tax forms be available?

2016-10-28T15:35:14-07:00June 22nd, 2016|

Your 1099 tax forms are automatically imported to your Cambria Investments account in mid-February, in both CSV and PDF formats. We will notify you via email when these are ready. We will also integrate with Turbo Tax, H&R Block, and TaxACT. Unlike other online advisors, we make our forms in-house, with clear summaries provided. To [...]

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